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Unbeaten all-girls football team win boys’ league title!

An ‘invincible’ all-girls football team have won a boys’ league title and have remained unbeaten for the entire season!

Queens Park Ladies Under 12’s, who play in Bournemouth’s Youth Football League Division Three, scored 61 goals and conceded just 11 throughout their 22-match season.

The side dominated the league, consisting of 11 boys’ clubs alongside the Queens Park Ladies.

Of their 22 fixtures, they were victorious in 18, drew 4, and lost not once.

According to reports, this impressive run left them 16 points clear of their second-place rivals, ending the season on a whopping 58 points.

Queens Park Ladies all-girls under 12s football team remained unbeaten for their entire 2023/2024 season.

How did Queens Park Ladies football team end up in a boys league?

According to a report on Queens Park Ladies’ recent triumph, the club were initially faced with resistance by the FA when it came to playing in an all-boys football league.

They were told that they would have to play in an all-girls football league, but were insistent upon joining the Bournemouth Boys Youth League.

Their approach of wanting to play all-boys clubs is the polar opposite of that taken by any girls teams, such as the story we reported where a girls league was threatened to be axed for not letting a boy play.

They were aided by their manager, Toby Green, who had faith that the Queens Park Ladies Under 12s could more than hold their own with the boys in their age group.

Green said of the girls’ promotion to League Two:

“The girls have done really, really well. They’ve worked so hard all season, not just in the games, but in their training as well.

“They have been really disciplined… they deserve it.”

“We’ve really had to dig in, particularly away from home,”

Toby Green and the Queens Park Ladies Under 12s all-girls football team who won the Bournemouth Youth League Division 3 this season.
Toby Green and the Queens Park Ladies Under 12s. Image credit: iNews

Mr Green started the all-girls football team when his youngest daughter expressed an interest in playing football, having initially coached his older daughter as the only girl in an all-boys squad.

He decided to put together an all-girls team, and the side who recently claimed the title of ‘The Invincible’ with their incredible run have been playing together since they were 5 years old.

Queens Park Ladies Under 12’s will now move onwards and upwards into the Bournemouth Youth League Division 2 going into their Under 13’s season, with Green confident they can get the job done again!