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When Wayne Rooney introduced Cristiano Ronaldo to the Premier League

Back in 2003, Wayne Rooney gave brutally gave Cristiano Ronaldo a taste of life in the Premier League.

Manchester United welcomed Everton to Old Trafford on Boxing Day, setting up a fiery Premier League encounter.

A fresh baby-faced Ronaldo started for United in front of 67,000 fans at the Theatre of Dreams.

On the other side, a young Wayne Rooney started for Everton, unfortunately for Wayne there was no fresh baby face just a guy who who was filled with passion and rage on the pitch.

As the match progressed, the two eventually met on the pitch but for Ronaldo, Wayne was having none of his showboating antics.

A brutal ‘Brexit’ tackle came out of nowhere and it shook Ronaldo up.

The pair would eventually play with each other at Man United when Rooney signed for the club the following season, they won several Premier League titles the Champions League together.

Wayne Rooney completely clattered Cristiano Ronaldo (Image Credit: Getty)

Unfortunately, the pair fell out after Rooney came out speaking bad of Ronaldo and then the Portuguese star responded by saying Rooney was ‘jealous’ of him.

You can watch the footage of the welcoming challenge from Rooney below:

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