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A polícia dinamarquesa arquiva para EXCLUDE TODOS os torcedores do Borussia Dortmund de sua partida da UCL com o FC Copenhagen...

The Danish police force responsible for organising the security in the upcoming match in the country’s capital, between FC Copenhagen and Borussia Dortmund, has filed a motion with UEFA to have ALL AWAY FANS EXCLUDED from the fixture.

This has come off the back of clashes between fans both inside and outside of the stadium, during the opening round fixture at the Signal Idunda Park on September 6th.

Dortmund’s supporters were handed a suspended sentence following this opening fixture, and the terms of this probation could cost the German club up to 6000 home ticket places in future UCL affairs.

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The club has temporarily ceased advanced ticket sales, as a decision is awaited from UEFA regarding the motion filed against Borussia’s fans for the upcoming clash with FC Copenhagen. 

DO YOU think that Dortmund’s fans should be excluded from this fixture?


Should Dortmund’s fans be excluded from their match with Copenhagen?