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Why did Aston Villa change their club logo AGAIN?

Aston Villa Football Club made the decision to change their logo yet again, reverting to a shield-shaped crest.

This move comes after a brief stint with a circular badge that was introduced just one season ago. The decision has sparked a mix of reactions, especially considering the overwhelming preference of supporters for the circular design.

The Circle Badge: A Short-Lived Experiment

The circular badge, introduced at the start of the 2023-2024 season, was intended to modernize the club’s visual identity. It marked a significant departure from the traditional shield shape that had been a mainstay in Villa’s branding.

Despite its modern look and feel, the circular badge was met with mixed reactions. While some fans appreciated the fresh design, a significant portion felt it strayed too far from the club’s historic roots.

Fan Reactions and Survey Results

In an effort to gauge the sentiment of their supporters, Aston Villa conducted a comprehensive survey. The results were clear: over three-quarters of the respondents expressed a preference for the circular crest.

This preference highlighted a disconnect between the club’s management and its fanbase, showcasing the fans’ attachment to tradition despite the appeal of modern design aesthetics.

The Reversion to the Shield Crest

Despite the survey results favoring the circular badge, the club decided to revert to the traditional shield-shaped crest for the 2024-2025 season.

This decision was rooted in the belief that the circular badge had little relevance to Villa’s storied tradition and heritage.

The shield shape, on the other hand, is deeply ingrained in the club’s identity and is seen as a symbol that resonates more profoundly with the club’s history and values.

Aston Villa changed their club logo again
Aston Villa’s new crest (right) which will be used from next season replacing the rounded crest (left)

For Aston Villa, the shield crest represents more than just a logo; it embodies the club’s legacy, achievements, and the collective memories of its supporters.

The return to the shield is a nod to this rich heritage, affirming the club’s commitment to its historical roots.