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Manchester City submits planning application for WORLD-CLASS entertainment complex

Manchester City Football Club has recently unveiled its plans for a best-in-class fan experience and year-round entertainment and leisure destination at the Etihad Stadium.

The club have submitted their planning application to the local authorities.

The development of the Etihad Stadium has been a long-held vision for Manchester City Football Club, which has been exploring the feasibility of the project since December last year.

The club aims to establish the Etihad Campus and the surrounding area as a globally competitive sport, leisure, and entertainment destination.

The current Family Stand will be extended and made into a single tier like Tottenham Hotspur. (Credit: Man City)

Manchester City: “The Club’s proposals represent over £300m investment into East Manchester through a major construction project that would take up to three years to complete, offering 2,600 jobs prioritised for people from Greater Manchester.”

The proposed plans for the Etihad Stadium involve the expansion of the North Stand, which will feature a single upper tier above the existing lower tier, increasing the stadium’s capacity to over 60,000.

The stand will be fully integrated into the stadium, providing several connected all-weather facilities that will enhance the overall fan experience.

The covered City Square fan zone is another proposed feature, with a capacity of 3,000 and a wide variety of food and drink outlets.

The fan zone will also feature a new club shop, museum, and hotel, providing fans with a broader range of dynamic matchday and non-matchday activities.

The new fan zone will be a landmark feature (Credit: Man City)

Additionally, the proposed plans include modest workspace for start-up and medium-sized organizations.

These organizations will be able to co-locate and collaborate with the Club, City Football Group, and Etihad Campus partners. This feature demonstrates the club’s commitment to creating a more significant impact in the local community and fostering collaboration.

The club is keen on receiving feedback from fans and the local community on the proposed plans for the Etihad Stadium.

The club understands the importance of its supporters and the impact they have on its success. It is, therefore, essential that the fans’ opinions are heard and considered in the decision-making process.