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Could the Glazers be STAYING at Manchester United?!

Concern is growing that Manchester United’s less than popular owners, the Glazers, may not end up selling the club to a new owner after all.

The Glazers have owned United since 2005, and not to the pleasure of the club’s fans. With Old Trafford in desperate need of renovation, the club being in around £680 million of debt, and no Premier league titles since 2013, the American owners have not made a good impression on the Red Devils’ loyal fan base.

The Glazers Man Utd
The Glazer family have owned Manchester United since 2005. Image credit: Sport Brief

United were also signed up for the condemned European Super League – another mark against the Glazers’ leadership of the club.

As is now common knowledge, bids for the club from British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe, as well as from Sheikh Jassim have been accepted.

Gary Neville however, has raised concerns that the ill-loved American owners may NOT be looking to make their exit from the club, which many believe they have seen more as an investment opportunity.

Neville raised his concern after United increased their season ticket prices.

He said in a tweet “Why would a seller that’s leaving before the next season introduce something that has brought them more hate and they won’t benefit from! Any new buyer would most likely freeze the price in year one to stay onside with fans”

Neville went on to point out “It does beg the question whether they are really going! I have my doubts with actions like this one!”

What’s more, The Telegraph have reported that Joel Glazer is not completely convinced on selling the club. This is in spite of the Manchester fans having little love for their club’s owners. There has even been reports that Joel, along with his brother Avram may consider buying out their 4 siblings to keep United.

The pair have been reported as far more attached to the club and to the English Premier League than their other siblings: Kevin, Bryan, Darcie & Edward.

Their asking price for the club of £5 billion also raises concern that United may not be rid of their American owners anytime soon. This £5 billion price tag does not take into account debts, the cost of renovations, or other shareholders – worrying United fans that potential investors may be put off buying the club OR will be unable to improve the conditions at Old Trafford if they did.