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Tamworth FC vs Nuneaton Borough CALLED OFF after flares & violence in ‘ugly scenes’

A match between Non-League Premier sides Tamworth FC and Nuneaton Borough was called off after fans threw flares and violence erupted in what were described as ‘ugly scenes’.

The two West Midlands clubs are bitter local rivals and this most recent matchup lasted just two thirds of the way through the 90 minutes. Their previous match earlier in the league season also saw violence erupt, following allegations of sick taunts surrounding the death of local 20-year-old Morgan Hehir, who was stabbed to death when out with friends in his hometown not long before the teams’ meeting.

A large police presence was available for their recent clash, following the events that transpired earlier in the season. As fans from both sides of the stadium began to throw projectiles and flares onto the pitch and into the stands, both teams decided to leave the pitch.

At around 60 minutes in to the game, Tamworth FC tweeted “Match has been stopped due to the safety of players and management teams. Everyone has left the pitch”

This was followed by another post some 10 minutes later stating “After discussions with police and match officials, our match against Nuneaton has been abandoned. We will update you in due course”

Meanwhile, Nuneaton tweeted “Both teams have left the field after fans of both sides began throwing projectiles at each other” – followed by “THE GAME HAS NOW BEEN ABANDONED”

Home supporters were let out of the stadium first, as the announcement over the tannoy read that the game had been abandoned due to “factors out of our control”, as police kept a close eye on fans as they left.

Despite the game having gotten out of hand at the point of Tamworth putting themselves 2-0 ahead, police reportedly did well to contain any further violence as fans left the stadium.