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Joey Barton ‘threatened’ over sexist female pundit claims

Former Man City and QPR player Joey Barton has most recently found himself under a lot of scrutiny on social media after his comments regarding female punditry.

Former footballer Joey Barton has once again sparked controversy with his recent comments on social media targeting female pundits Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward during ITV’s coverage of the FA Cup third-round tie between Crystal Palace and Everton.

The comments, described by ITV as “vindictive” and “contemptible,” have drawn widespread condemnation from the football community.

Joey Barton, 41, took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to compare Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward to notorious serial killers Fred and Rose West.

The now-deleted comments referred to the duo as “the Fred and Rose West of football commentary,” a comparison that has been widely criticized for its inappropriate and offensive nature.

In response to Barton’s remarks, ITV issued a statement condemning the comments as “contemptible and shameful.”

The broadcaster emphasized the inclusivity of football, stating, “Football is for everyone.” ITV further expressed its disappointment that Barton, with his significant social media presence, would target two of their pundits based on gender and resort to invoking the names of serial killers.

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Joey Barton responded to ITV’s statement with an expletive-laden post on social media, indicating that he would continue referring to individuals as “serial killers.” He labelled ITV as “woke” and claimed that he had tried to “play nice” without success.

Former Manchester United and England defender Gary Neville, now a prominent pundit himself, weighed in on the controversy, praising ITV for taking a stand.

Neville emphasized the challenges women face in sports and media, expressing concern that such incidents only serve to discourage women in the industry.

This incident is not an isolated one, as Barton has been on a tirade over the past month, consistently criticizing women working in men’s football on social media and in interviews.

Joey Barton was threatened on social media by some random user over his remarks, you can see the Tweet below.

The former Bristol Rovers manager, who was sacked in October, has faced widespread condemnation for his misogynistic remarks.

Joey Barton’s recent comments targeting Eni Aluko and Lucy Ward have ignited a broader discussion about sexism and misogyny in football punditry.

The football community, including ITV and fellow pundits like Gary Neville, has strongly condemned Barton’s remarks, emphasizing the need for inclusivity and respect for women in the sport.

As the football world grapples with issues of discrimination and bias, incidents like these highlight the ongoing challenges faced by women in breaking barriers and succeeding in football and media.