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Everton look like a completely different team under Sean Dyche

It’s only been a week since former Burnley manager Sean Dyche took over at Goodison Park but already you can see the positive difference in the side.

His first real test has gone according to plan so far, drawing 0-0 at half-time with table-topping Arsenal.

Dyche opted for a 4-5-1 low block instead of his usual 4-4-2 which proved very effective at his former club.

Everton have had their fair share of chances this half knowing that possession would be limited.

Twitter has been reacting to the first half already, describing Everton as ‘stubborn’ and ‘hard to break down’.

Calvert Lewin had a clear header right before the half-time whistle but just whiskered it wide.

The second half should be interesting, Arsenal will control possession while Everton counterattack with the low block.

Positive first half and a relief to Everton fans to see a bit of fightback in the team which they have been missing for a while.