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QUIZ: Name these 10 football teams from their bare logos!

Team crests are worn as a badge of honour by players, staff and fans of a club. In this football logo quiz, we ask you to correctly name 10 teams based on their badges, with team names removed of course…

Whether its the pitch-fork wielding devil abroad the chest of an Old Trafford faithful or the canon synonymous with Arsenal fans, most if not all big football teams are easily recognisable by their unique logo.

It’s hard to think that there was once a time when football clubs didn’t sport a team logo on their shirts.

Nowadays, despite the many sponsors that vie to make their way on to a team’s strip, a team’s badge is never absent, and remains the most important part of the shirt to supporters, representing the legacy of their childhood club.

Manchester United's infamous Red Devil logo may well be found in our football logos quiz!
You may (or may not!) find the infamous Red Devil in our football logo quiz!

Many football logos have evolved over the years, with teams often tweaking and even redesigning their symbols. Manchester City have even gone away from their classic ship symbol to adopt a new eagle totem in the past, only to revert back again!

Manchester United Football club’s red devil logo and Liverpool’s liver bird symbol are among some of the longest-used crests in the Premier League, alongside other English classics such as the aforementioned Arsenal canon, and Leicester City’s fox.

Take the quiz below and try and correctly name all 10 teams from their bare logo!

Name these 10 teams from their logo!

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