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Can you name the top scorer of these 8 European leagues?

Europe has played host to some of the most historic players, teams and moments in football’s vast and illustrious history. Boasting some of the most competitive leagues in the world, there is little wonder so many stars of the game have emerged to make their mark on the game’s history.

Some of the first organised leagues were created in Europe, and many stars of both the early and modern game honed their craft playing somewhere or another on the continent.

The English Football League was the first league football competition, with other nations following suit. Since then, leagues such as Germany’s Bundesliga, Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A have produced an enormous range of talent to add to the European tally.

Since the conception of the UEFA Champions League in 1955, teams from 11 different nations have won the coveted trophy. Spanish sides have won it 19 times, most recently in 2021/2022 by Real Madrid. English sides have taken the trophy home 14 times, Italian sides 13, and German sides 8. Dutch teams have won 5 times, Portuguese teams twice, with a single win by teams from Romania, Yugoslavia and Scotland finishing the lineup.

Real Madrid Champions League
The current Champions League holders Real Madrid have won the competition more than any other team. Image credit: Olympics

On top of this, the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, and Yohan Cruyff are just a few names on the incredibly long list of players who have made a significant impact on how the game is played and called Europe their footballing home.

In this quiz, we ask you to name the all time top scorers in each of 8 European leagues. This may sound simple, but we’re confident that no one is getting 100% all the same! Give it a go and see just how much you know about the giants of the European game!

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Can you name the top scorer of each of these 8 European Leagues?