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Fans want new VAR feature introduced in Premier League after Euro 2024 debut

The opening match of Euro 2024 saw Germany dominate Scotland with a resounding 5-1 victory at the Allianz Arena.

Goals from Florian Wirtz, Jamal Musiala, Kai Havertz, Niclas Füllkrug, and Emre Can secured a confident start for the hosts.

Despite a spirited effort, Scotland’s task became even more challenging when Ryan Porteous was shown a straight red card for a dangerous tackle on Ilkay Gundogan, a decision confirmed swiftly through the VAR system.

However, it wasn’t just the scoreline that caught the attention of football fans. During the match, an innovative use of VAR technology was introduced, sparking a wave of enthusiasm among spectators and pundits alike.

In a groundbreaking move, a critical VAR decision was shown and explained in real-time on the big screen inside the stadium.

Midway through the match, controversy struck when referee Clement Turpin awarded a penalty to Germany following a challenge by Scotland’s Ryan Christie on Jamal Musiala.

The decision was immediately contentious, leading Turpin to consult the VAR for a closer look. After reviewing the footage, Turpin overturned his initial decision, ruling that the foul occurred outside the penalty area.

Consequently, the penalty was cancelled and a free-kick was awarded to Germany instead.

What set this VAR review apart was the manner in which it was communicated to the 75,000 fans present in the Allianz Arena.

As Turpin made his decision, a message was displayed on the stadium’s giant screen, reading: “Penalty cancelled. Foul was committed by Scotland’s player No.11 outside the penalty area.”

This clear and concise explanation provided immediate transparency, allowing fans to understand the referee’s decision without delay.

The response from the crowd was overwhelmingly positive. Fans appreciated the direct communication and the ability to understand the decision-making process. This level of transparency is often missing in high-stakes matches, where fans are left in the dark about the reasons behind critical calls.

The move has sparked calls for similar implementations in other leagues, most notably the Premier League.

Fans and analysts have long criticised the opacity of VAR decisions, which can lead to confusion and frustration.

One fan said: “We need this in the Premier League ASAP, this will clear any confusion”

Another said: “This is amazing, why have we not got this in England!”