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England fans find ‘unexpected guests’ hiding in their campervan on way to Germany

A group of England football fans from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, embarked on what they thought would be an exciting journey to Germany, only to find themselves dealing with an unexpected and surprising situation.

The fans, who had travelled across the Channel to go support England in Euro 2024 in Germany, discovered three asylum seekers hiding in their campervan after arriving in Calais.

The discovery was made by Ben Dolan, 24, one of the England fans. He described the journey as incredibly long and arduous. “It’s been a real trek,” Dolan remarked, recounting the moment he realized something was amiss.

The England fans in Germany at Euro 2024.
Ben Dolan, Fin McGregor, Matthew Browne and Tristan Mustoe (From the left) were joined by guests at a supermarket in Calais (Image: Ben Dolan – Facebook)

Noticing that the toilet doors were locked, he became suspicious. “I then said, ‘What the f*ck is going on there?’ and there were three lads in there. It was mental,” he said.

The asylum seekers, who appeared calm and somewhat amused by the situation, greeted the fans with a smirk before casually walking away. “They said hello and started smirking and then just walked away,” Dolan explained.

The fans were initially taken aback and disoriented, as they were heading towards Belgium at the time and realized they were going the wrong way.

Scarborough Whites are a Leeds United supporters club situated on the Yorkshire Coast (Image Credit: Ben Dolan – Facebook)

Despite the unexpected detour and the unusual incident, the group managed to continue their journey and arrived in Germany on Saturday afternoon.

While the situation added an unplanned twist to their trip, the fans were relieved to have reached their destination safely.