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WATCH: Piers Morgan and Simon Jordan CLASH live on talkSPORT

talkSPORT co-host and pundit Simon Jordan and journalist Piers Morgan CLASHED live on air in the talkSPORT studio.

Piers Morgan was defending his friend Cristiano Ronaldo whilst Simon Jordan was pulling Piers Morgan up on some of his statements, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Piers Morgan started becoming restless and called Jordan ‘childish’ after he kept interrupting him.

Piers Morgan recently released a 90 minute interview with Cristiano Ronaldo on Talk TV which raked in over 10 million views within 24 hours. It had the world in shock.

Manchester United are set to axe the Portuguese forward but are taking legal precaution before making any rash decisions.

You can watch the video here:

(Credit: talkSPORT)

Was Piers Morgan in the right to defend himself? Or did Simon Jordan shut him down?

Let us know your opinions!