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WATCH: Did Henderson use a racial slur against Gabriel?

It’s been a hot topic since Sunday’s Premier League clash between Arsenal and Liverpool – but we want to know YOUR opinion… did Jordan Henderson appear to use a racial slur against Gabriel Magalhaes?

Arsenal came out the victors of a thrilling game that finished 3-2 at the Emirates Stadium. But the scoreline was sadly not the main talking point when the final whistle was blown – that honour fell upon an altercation between the aforementioned Henderson and Magalhaes during the second half of the game.

The pair were seen having a clearly heated discussion in front of Liverpool’s box, and at some point in the dialogue, something is said to Magalhaes that blatantly escalated his upset and caused him to march over to referee Michael Oliver. The English referee then made his way to the touchline to speak with team managers Jurgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta before continuing the game.

Image Credit: Sports Illustrated

Although many thought that it ended there, Henderson re-approached Magalhaes after the game had ended to speak with him. It is currently unclear what was said, as both Klopp and Arteta refused to make a statement on the incident when pressed to do so after the match.

The FA’s official statement as of Sunday evening was that they were to be formally reviewing the incident with Michael Oliver and his match officials. Their statement read “We are aware of an incident that took place during the match between Arsenal and Liverpool. We are in dialogue with the match officials and will review the details of the incident”.

WATCH the altercation below and let us know whether you think it’s likely that a racial slur was made in our poll!

Did Henderson appear to use a racial slur against Magalhaes?