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Marcus Rashford brother Dane ARRESTED for domestic abuse

Marcus Rashford’s brother, Dane Rashford has been arrested in Miami over allegedly striking his girlfriend in the face following a night out at trendy night club.

Dane Rashford, 31, is due to appear in court on the 27th of this month for an arraignment, with the alleged offence taking place on the 20th of October this year.

It is reported that Police in Florida were made aware of the situation by staff at the Kimpton Angler’s Hotel, who reported a woman walking through the lobby with a bloodied nose in the early hours of the morning.

Marcus & Dane Rashford arrested domestic abuse
Marcus & brother Dane Rashford. Image credit: Daily Mail

Officers attended the scene and heard a ‘verbal altercation’ between a male and a female when they arrived outside room 335, where Dane and his partner Andrea Pocrnja were staying.

According to reports, the altercation began after Rashford had gone through Pocrnja’s phone and found messages between her and another male. Rashford told Police that he pushed Pocrnja whilst in an Uber taxi.

However, the statement goes on to state that Rashford’s partner was found on the bed with ‘visible injuries to her face’, with Pocrnja herself stating that Rashford struck her in the face with a closed fist before exiting the taxi with her phone.

The statement goes on to read:

“Once the victim was inside their hotel room, the arrestee entered the hotel room and a verbal argument ensued in regard to the text messages he saw on her phone.”

“The victim was on the phone with the front desk in an attempt to get the Wi-Fi password so that she could disable her phone that the arrestee had at the time.”

“The arrestee assumed that the victim was calling the police and a physical altercation began, which she does not remember specifics of because she was intoxicated.”

The pair have a 14-month old toddler who, according to the report, was being looked after by Rashford’s sister, Chantelle Maynard and was present in the room when the altercation took place.

Dane Ashford domestic abuse arrested
Dane Rashford following his arrest on the 20th of October for alleged domestic abuse. Image credit: The Telegraph

Maynard stated that she saw Dane causing visible damage, kicking a closet door and becoming generally high rate – although she says she did not see him strike Pocrnja in the face during the incident.

The statement adds that the victim’s injuries were documented by Police and that she was treated by a. medical professional, although she was not taken to hospital for treatment.

Rashford was taken to jail at 3.30AM, whilst Pocrnja was taken to another hotel room because she told Police she felt ‘unsafe’.

Rashford was released on a $1,500 cash bond paid by Chantelle Maynard, ordered to have no contact with the mother of his child, and is due to appear in court on the 27th of this month for an arraignment after submitting a written plea of ‘not guilty’.

The news of his arrest broke just minutes after Manchester United’s controversial 4-3 Champions League defeat to FC Copenhagen, during which Dane’s brother Marcus was sent off in the first half – making it a rather miserable night for the Rashford family.

Football Post will report on the case as more information unfolds.