Goal-Line Technology Rejected For World Cup

Frank Lampard’s infamous World Cup ‘goal’ against Germany Twitter / BBCSport
Frank Lampard’s infamous World Cup ‘goal’ against Germany

6 March 2010 – Sepp Blatter is in the peak of his reign as president of FIFA and he has just rejected the use of goal-line technology.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), working alongside FIFA, ruled out the usage of both goal-line technology and video replays after there were appeals for it to be introduced by governing bodies such as the FA.

The vote on the usage of goal-line technology and video replays was in the wake of Thierry Henry’s controversial handball in the build-up to the crucial equalising goal for France against the Republic of Ireland, sending France to the World Cup in the place of the Irish.

Why was it rejected?

Despite the lack of video replays leading to Republic of Ireland failing to make the 2010 World Cup, Patrick Nelson who was chief executive of the Irish FA at the time argued that technology shouldn’t be introduced to the game as it eliminates “debate” and “controversy”. Welsh FA chief executive Jonathan Ford also backed the decision by arguing that football could become “stop-start where all decisions were reviewed”.

Despite the fact that the decision to use goal-line technology was rejected back in 2010, it is now being used in the majority of major competitions such as the Premier League. However things could be a lot different if goal-line technology WAS introduced seven years ago.

The Impact

Just a few months after the decision to use goal-line technology was rejected, England played Germany in the final 16 of the 2010 World Cup. 2-1 down, Frank Lampard has a shot from far out… the ball hits the crossbar before crossing the line and Lampard starts to celebrate scoring his first World Cup goal and completing a first half comeback from England. However Manuel Neuer picks the ball up and continues playing.

The ball which had clearly crossed the line hadn’t been given by Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda and England go on to lose the game 4-1. The decision not to introduce goal-line technology in March 2010 will forever leave England fans wondering what could have been. Although goal-line technology has been a massive success since being introduced, it should definitely have been around a few years earlier.